Professional Protection & Firearms Training

No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms.
---Thomas Jefferson: Draft Virginia Constitution, 1776.

Welcome to Major Defense

   Thinking about getting a firearm? 

Do you have a firearm, but have it stored away because you’re not comfortable with your level of training?

Did you take the Gun Show Class and shoot 1 round?

Ladies, would you rather be trained by 

a Quiet Professional?

Get the proper training!!

Major Defense was started to promote personal safety and firearms training. The goal for our personal safety courses is to help you develop the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to enact effective safety strategies for your home, auto, place of business, shopping or around your neighborhood and city. The goal of our firearm courses is to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to safely handle your firearms and improve your shooting skills.

Under personal safety we offer:

  •  Non-shooting Home Firearm Safety course
  •  Non-gun  Refuse To Be A Victim course

Our firearm courses: For new and novice gun owners:

  • FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation*
  • Womens Only FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation* 
  • FIRST Steps Shotgun Orientation*

For gun owners with some experience.

  • Basic Pistol Shooting Course* 
  • Basic Shotgun Shooting Course* 

* Certificates from these courses may be used to obtain your Concealed Firearm License.

For gun owners that are (qualified) and seeking more advanced shooting techniques:

  • Personal Protection in the Home
  • Personal Protection Outside the Home



















































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