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No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms.
---Thomas Jefferson: Draft Virginia Constitution, 1776.


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Steve, my husband and I enjoyed the class and we now feel more confident about handling our handgun.  We are excited to go shooting next weekend and look forward to taking another class with Major Defense.   Carol J.

Steve, I really enjoyed and appreciated the class on Saturday.  As always, it was good to renew acquaintances with you and Laura.  Keep up the good work, my friend!   CJB

Hi Steve, I have been meaning to send you an email thanking you for all the extra time you put in with me and my husband .  We enjoyed shooting the Glock and decided to buy a Glock 17.  We will have to go shooting one day. Thanks for all your help.   Toniann 

Steve, thanks again for great time shooting and coaching!

Steve, who was my instructor in the 1st Steps Pistol course, was EXCELLENT.  From the moment he answered the phone, right through leaving the shooting range, he left me with a good understanding of what it means to own a firearm. He covered the NRA rules for safe gun handling over and over again, and I will never forget them.  Being a woman, he made me feel very comfortable and when it was time to shoot, he was right beside me.  Great instructor - thanks Steve.   Gail R.

Just returned from the gun range with Major Defense, Steve was able to answer everyone's questions.     I felt the class was money well spent!  The firearms information was well prepared and easy for everyone to understand.   Stephen

I met Steve at the Wal-Mart parking lot where I saw his Major Defense magnetic sign.  After a brief and informative conversation, I decided I would be taking his basic pistol course.  I just completed the 4 hour pistol course and I found it extremely informative.  Steve was very friendly when I first met him and it carried through to the course. It was professional and I'm glad I had the chance to take the class with him.  I definitely recommend it to everyone.  Carlos H.

I completed my NRA approved class to apply for my Concealed Carry License on the 8th. The class was professionally run and went quickly as the two instructors covered the material and answered questions. I have been a recreational shooter for over 20 years and met Steve at the Dade City Gun Range.  I had done a fair amount of reading and research prior to the course, but still learned valuable information on guns and shooting.  It was a beneficial class that I would recommend even if you do not plan on obtaining a CCL.  Great job Major Defense.   Michael

Thank you again for the lesson yesterday, I feel much more comfortable wtih the whole idea of handling a weapon now.


I found the concealed weapons course that Steve Lee provided was extremely informative.  I learned more than I could have imagined.  I found Steve quite knowledgeable and presented the information in a manner at a good pace that kept the class engaged. I felt he allowed me to feel comfortable asking questions that he answered in a meaningful real life environmental way.  It was very informative about handgun laws.  He provided many examples regarding appropriate  safety  and the handling of of hand guns.  Steve presented advice on different types of hand guns.  He additionally followed up the in class with a session at the range.   The practical use and safety of actual hand gun usage was enormously helpful.  Steve ensured we all followed proper gun safety procedures.  I learned much and feel confident in protecting myself and my family by the proper usage and adherence to the lawful use of force.

I am proud to find out I am a much better aim then my wife.  Erik

I was throughly impressed with Steven and the training he provided.  It was professionally done and I felt much more confident handling my firearm after this class.  Steven took the time to ensure that I felt comfortable and did not rush through any of the material.  He was extremely patient at the firing range and helped me feel at ease.  I would highly recommend this class!  Thank you again Steven.  Victoria M.

“Steve’s firearms training classes are professional but friendly, thorough but simple.  He’s a good American, a good teacher, and a good guy.”

Grace, mercy, and peace.  Joe B.

When I had my pistol training class with Steve Lee, it was a great experience.  Not only did he take the time to explain all the concepts in the class, he also took the time to answer all my questions and had many sample guns for me and my daughter to inspect and shoot.  This made it so much easier to understand the differences between the different kinds of guns.  When we went to the range, he wanted to make sure we had mastered all the fundamentals before introducing any advanced tips.  This was especially important when working with my daughter, who had no gun experience at all.  After the class, Steve helped me select and buy a gun and has offered to go shooting with me to help me maintain and improve my skills.  I'm sure there are better instructors in the world, but I'm not sure there are any better instructors in the Tampa Bay area.  Thanks Steve, you made a real difference in my daughter's and my life with your training and help!  Paul F.







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